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Piterak SL4 Terracotta Cladding Panel

Piterak® SL4 is a 40mm thick, double-skin terracotta rainscreen cladding product with overlapping horizontal reveals. The product is a large module terracotta panel available in a variety of standard sizes and a multitude of made-to-order sizes with a maximum height of 2′-0″ and maximum length of 6′-0″. Panels are furnished in lengths required for your project or they may be cut by the installation contractor for specific field conditions.

Through exceptional engineering and manufacturing, the Piterak® SL4 system provides high wind resistance and the highest (Q4) impact resistance rating under French CSTB (an ICC Construction Product Evaluation Expert Alliance member) standards. The terracotta cladding panels are supported by our engineered rainscreen support framing system and stainless-steel installation clips.

Standard Physical Characteristics

*Exact U.S. Imperial modules for ease of construction layout and installation. Metric dimension terracotta panels are available.
Center to Center Modules (IN)
Center to Center Modules (MM)
Panel Size (IN)
Panel Size (MM)
Terracotta Panel Weight (LBS)
Terracotta Panel Weight (KG)
8" x 60" 203mm x 1524mm 8.55" x 59.5" x 1.57" 217mm x 1511mm x 40mm 11.8 lbs/sq ft 57.6 kgs/m2
12" x 60" 305mm x 1524mm 12.55" x 59.5" x 1.57" 319mm x 1511mm x 40mm 11.8 lbs/sq ft 57.6 kgs/m2
18" x 60" 457mm x 1524mm 18.55" x 59.5" x 1.57" 417mm x 1511mm x 40mm 11.8 lbs/sq ft 57.6 kgs/m2
24" x 60" 609mm x 1524mm 24.55" x 59.5" x 1.57" 624mm x 1511mm x 40mm 11.8 lbs/sq ft 57.6 kgs/m2


Piterak® SL4 is a complete rainscreen system consisting of terracotta cladding panels, stainless-steel installation clips, and metal rainscreen framing components. Below are photos and a video of typical Piterak® SL4 installations.


Below is a typical installation diagram. Corresponding details can be downloaded via the detail references shown. Revit BIM content is available upon request.

Framed Wall Details
Solid Wall Details
1. Piterak SL4 Prototypical Details - PSL4-202f - BASE OF RAINSCREEN SECTION dwg .
2. Piterak SL4 Prototypical Details - PSL4-003f - TYPICAL INSTALLATION SECTION dwg .
3. Piterak SL4 Prototypical Details - PSL4-203f - WINDOW SILL SECTION dwg .
4. Piterak SL4 Prototypical Details - PSL4-204f - WINDOW HEAD SECTION dwg .
6. Piterak SL4 Prototypical Details - PSL4-206f - PARAPET COPING SECTION dwg .
7. Piterak SL4 Prototypical Details - PSL4-301f - SOFFIT EXTERIOR CORNER SECTION dwg .
8. Piterak SL4 Prototypical Details - PSL4-302f - SOFFIT REVEAL JOINT dwg .
9. Piterak SL4 Prototypical Details - PSL4-303f - SOFFIT INTERIOR CORNER SECTION dwg .
A. Piterak SL4 Prototypical Details - PSL4-101f - VERTICAL REVEAL PLAN DETAIL dwg .
B. Piterak SL4 Prototypical Details - PSL4-102f - MITERED OUTSIDE CORNER DETAIL dwg .
C. Piterak SL4 Prototypical Details - PSL4-103f - INTERNAL CORNER dwg .
D. Piterak SL4 Prototypical Details - PSL4-105f - TERMINATION OF RAINSCREEN DETAIL dwg .
. zip file for all Piterak SL4 details dwg .

Colors & Finishes

Piterak® SL4 terracotta panels are available in a variety of through-body colors, as well as glazed finishes. Terreal North America can develop custom colors with through-body terracotta or matte, semi-gloss, gloss, or metallic glaze applications.

Standard Through-Body Colors
01 Red
02 Red-Orange
03 Champagne
04 Salmon
06 Sand
07 Sienna
09 Coffee
11 Sahara Beige
12 Light Grey
13 Storm Grey
15 Slate Grey
16 Ebony
30 Arctic White (Engobe)
Standard Glaze Colors
Calamine Pink
Cobalt Blue
Glossy Black
Glossy White
Marine Black
Mars Red
Matte Black
Matte Light Grey
Matte White
Petrol Blue
Sahara Beige
Shadow Earth
Egyptian Violet
Standard Finishes


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Terreal North America’s technical experts can help you design an innovative Piterak SL4 facade solution for your next project.

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