TERREAL Facade offers a sustainable development approach for its terracotta wall cladding in accordance with the NF P 01-010 Environmental and Health Declaration Sheets (FDES). Thanks to the Group’s dynamic approach, TERREAL Facade is committed to an environmentally friendly approach throughout the manufacturing process for all of its products.

  • Terracotta is 100% NATURAL
  • Low cost raw material
  • No harmful or endangered raw materials necessary (petroleum-based or trees)
  • Terracotta is recyclable
  • Modern roller hearth and tunnel kilns are energy efficient
  • Rejected or broken clay can be crushed and reused
  • 95% of production waste is recycled (clay, water, glazes)
  • Materials are Class-A fire rated and do not burn
  • Low life-cycle costs compared to less expensive alternatives
  • Long-term economic and environmental advantages, including increased energy cost savings
  • Color-permanent wall material that lasts over 100 years
A single priority: high-quality terracotta material

TERREAL Facade meticulously selects the clays from its various production sites to ensure the natural character and longevity of finished product. Produced from abundant natural clay, TERREAL Facade combines millennia old craftsmanship with a state of the art firing process to produce a terracotta panel that is not only beautiful but will also last a century. At the end of its life, all terracotta waste from production sites is recycled and used as filler in quarry access roads. For greater transparency, every “FDES” gives information for each product such as its ecological footprint, its traceability after its life cycle and the recycling of its waste, etc.

A single objective: unique, eco-friendly solutions

TERREAL is determined to meet the demands of the green building industry while remaining committed to producing uniquely beautiful terracotta panels and baguettes. Beyond the terracotta material, the TERREAL wall solution integrates into an external insulation system, thus reducing thermal bridges and greenhouse gas emissions, providing a more comfortable environment in both summer and winter.

A single mission: continue to evolve

Thanks to the involvement of its production sites and its research and development center, TERREAL Facade meets the challenge of sustainable development in the search for new fixing systems and firing methods, the stages that require the greatest consumption of energy resources.

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Last Updated: 6/5/2023
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Terreal North America strategic market realignment announcement

Terreal North America, in conjunction with its parent company Ludowici, is implementing a strategic market realignment effective in and throughout 2023.  This market refocus will result in Ludowici providing manufacturer direct sales, marketing, and supply support for the complete line of NeXclad small module terra cotta wall cladding systems.  While NeXclad terra cotta cladding systems will continue to be available from Ludowici, Terreal North America will no longer offer large module terra cotta cladding and sunscreen products that are manufactured overseas.  Please visit Ludowici.com to learn more about our made in the USA NeXclad terra cotta cladding systems.

This market refocus aligns with Ludowici’s mission to manufacture sustainable, environmentally friendly, locally sourced, and locally made terra cotta construction materials.  This market approach also brings all terra cotta construction materials produced in our New Lexington, Ohio facility under a single corporate umbrella — Ludowici. 

Customers and building owners with questions regarding this announcement, please contact Ludowici for assistance at ludowici.com/contact.

Rob A. Wehr
Chief Executive Officer