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NeXclad Small Module Terracotta Cladding

NeXclad is a single-skin, small module terracotta cladding system that is available in two standard sizes, and a variety of surface textures and colors. NeXclad may be installed directly to the wall sheathing or as the finish material in a rainscreen application. A variety of corner tile options are available with manufacturing in the exact coloration of the field tiles for a harmonious finished appearance. The small module terracotta tiles’ ease of installation provides an extremely economical cladding solution, while maintaining sensitivity to the building’s design aesthetic.  NeXclad offers an industry leading 75-year material warranty.


  • Our most economical terra cotta cladding system
  • Simple easy to install systems
  • Unparalleled custom color capability
  • Framing systems available for all types of wall construction including framed walls, hard walls, walls with and without exterior insulation, walls with continuous insulation needs, etc.
  • Complete framing system and design can be supplied by Terreal North America
  • System wind load testing, impact testing, and ASTM performance testing all available


Standard Physical Characteristics

* Other terracotta panel modules are available pending review of project scope. Please contact us for details.
Center to Center Modules (IN)
Center to Center Modules (MM)
Panel Size (IN)
Panel Size (MM)
Terracotta Panel Weight (LBS)
Terracotta Panel Weight (KG)
8.25" x 11" 9" x 14" x .875" 8.05 lbs/sq ft


NeXclad can be installed directly to the wall sheathing or as the finish material in a rainscreen application. Below are photos of typical NeXclad installations.

NeXclad 14

Installation Guide


Below is a typical installation diagram. Corresponding details can be downloaded via the detail references shown.

Framed Wall Details
Solid Wall Details
. 1. NeXclad 14 Direct-to-Sheathing - NC14-201s - BASE OF RAINSCREEN SECTION dwg
. 2. NeXclad 14 Direct-to-Sheathing - NC14-003s - TYPICAL INSTALLATION SECTION dwg
. 3. NeXclad 14 Direct-to-Sheathing - NC14-202s - WINDOW SILL SECTION dwg
. 4. NeXclad 14 Direct-to-Sheathing - NC14-203s - WINDOW HEAD SECTION dwg
. 5. NeXclad 14 Direct-to-Sheathing - NC14-205s - PARAPET COPING SECTION dwg
. B. NeXclad 14 Direct-to-Sheathing - NC14-102As - EXTERNAL CORNER - 'V' CORNER TILE dwg
. C. NeXclad 14 Direct-to-Sheathing - NC14-103s - INTERNAL CORNER dwg
. D. NeXclad 14 Direct-to-Sheathing - NC14-105s - TERMINATION OF RAINSCREEN DETAIL dwg
. E. NeXclad 14 Direct-to-Sheathing - NC14-110As - WINDOW JAMB DETAIL - METAL TRIM dwg
. . Zip file of all Nexclad 14 details dwg

Colors & Finishes

NeXclad is manufactured in New Lexington, Ohio by Ludowici. Ludowici’s high-temperature firing technique results in a beautiful range of tones within a color blend. These color chips are intended to impart the range within each color blend.

Standard Through-Body Color
Clay Red

NeXclad glazes come in single and multiple spray options, creating a narrow or wide color range across the visual field. Custom color blends can also be created by request.

Standard Glaze Colors
Adobe Fleck
Aged Cedar
Aged Copper
Aged Oak
Antiqued Brunswick Black
Antiqued Montpelier Green
Antiqued Pewter
Antiqued Slate Gray
Ash Gray
Barcelona Buff
Beach Brown (Weathered)
Briar Brown
Bright Green
Brookville Green (Gloss)
Brunswick Black
Dark Green
Dark Terracotta
Dark Tuscany
Desert Sand
Earth Gray
Ebony Mist
Empire Green
Field Green
Forest Green
Golden Red Cedar
Heritage Blue
Lava Black (Weathered)
Matte White
Mediterranean Blue (Gloss)
Midnight Black (Gloss)
Montpelier Green
Mottled Green Purple
Olive Green
Process Flash
Royal Persian (Gloss)
Slate Gray
Slate Red
Strata Gray
Summer Rose
Sunset Red (Weathered)
Sunset Red with Ebony Mist (Weathered)
Terra Cotta
Vermont Gray Black
Vintage Green
Western Cedar
White Cedar
Standard Finishes
Classic: a genteel smooth texture
Lanai: a sandblasted, slightly weathered texture
Americana: a lightly pressed bark texture
Century Shake: a rugged wood shake texture (10” wide; 6-11/16″ wide; and 5″ wide X 11-1/2” vertical exposures)
Williamsburg: a light wood shake texture
LudoShake: a hand split wood shake texture (NeXclad 16 only)
Lexington Slate: a deep quarried slate texture (14″; 10-1/2″; and 7-1/2″ wide X 7-1/2” vertical exposures)
LudoSlate: a mild slate texture (NeXclad 16 only)


NeXclad has been tested and received certifications for the following:

  • ASTM C1167 Breaking Load Test – Glazed
  • ASTM C1167 Efflorescence Test – Glazed
  • ASTM C1167 Freeze-Thaw Test – Glazed
  • ASTM C1167 Permeability Test – Glazed
  • ASTM C1167 Thermal Shock Resistance Test – Glazed
  • Wind Load Test over Armoroc
  • Wind Load Test over Plywood

Contact us for certification documentation

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Last Updated: 6/5/2023
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Terreal North America strategic market realignment announcement

Terreal North America, in conjunction with its parent company Ludowici, is implementing a strategic market realignment effective in and throughout 2023.  This market refocus will result in Ludowici providing manufacturer direct sales, marketing, and supply support for the complete line of NeXclad small module terra cotta wall cladding systems.  While NeXclad terra cotta cladding systems will continue to be available from Ludowici, Terreal North America will no longer offer large module terra cotta cladding and sunscreen products that are manufactured overseas.  Please visit Ludowici.com to learn more about our made in the USA NeXclad terra cotta cladding systems.

This market refocus aligns with Ludowici’s mission to manufacture sustainable, environmentally friendly, locally sourced, and locally made terra cotta construction materials.  This market approach also brings all terra cotta construction materials produced in our New Lexington, Ohio facility under a single corporate umbrella — Ludowici. 

Customers and building owners with questions regarding this announcement, please contact Ludowici for assistance at ludowici.com/contact.

Rob A. Wehr
Chief Executive Officer