Shamal XL 15 and 20


Shamal XL 15

Shamal terracotta baguette is a sunscreen shaped like an airplane wing. It provides highly effective sunlight protection and thermal insulation for buildings.  The inclination angle and spacing of elements are subject to the architectural choices. It is available in 2 standard dimensions : 15 or 20 cm.

Installed vertically or horizontally to protect from sunlight or to decorate façades, it accommodates all types of projects and offer many options to express rich and lasting architectural ideas.

Standard Physical Characteristics

Terracotta Size (IN)
Terracotta Size (MM)
Terracotta Unit Weight (LBS/LF)
Terracotta Unit Weight (KG/LM)
Typical Assembly Weight (LBS/LF)
Typical Assembly Weight (KG/LM)
Shamal XL 15 - Nom. 2" X 5-7/8" X up to 5'-0" 50mm x 150mm x up to 1524mm 4.8 LBS/LF 7.2 KG/LM 6.3 LBS/LF 8.4 KG/LM
Shamal XL 20 - Nom. 2" X 7-7/8" X up to 5'-0" 50mm x 200mm x up to 1524mm 7.1 LBS/LF 10.5 KG/LM 8.6 LBS/LF 12.7 KG/LM


Sunscreen systems are generally designed to fit project specific parameters such as spacing, wind load, sunscreen effect and other engineering or architectural requirements. Contact Terreal North America for assistance in selecting a system for your project. Below are installation photos of Shamal® XL terracotta sunscreens.

TERREAL Sunscreen Installation Video

Colors & Finishes

Shamal® XL terracotta baguettes are available in a variety of through-body colors, as well as glazed finishes. Terreal North America can develop custom colors with through-body terracotta or matte, semi-gloss, gloss, or metallic glaze applications.

Standard Through-Body Colors
12 Light Grey
13 Storm Grey
15 Slate Grey
06 Sand
04 Salmon
02 Red-Orange
01 Red
07 Sienna
09 Coffee
16 Ebony
03 Champagne
11 Sahara Beige
30 Arctic White (Engobe)
Standard Glaze Colors
Mars Red
Shadow Earth
Petrol Blue
Cobalt Blue
Egyptian Violet
Calamine Pink
Glossy White
Matte White
Glossy Light Grey
Matte Light Grey
Glossy Black
Matte Black
Marine Black
Standard Finishes